• is it correct? example iam working as a marketing manager , in a corporate meeting  , one pleasant looking man invited me to dance,i agreed. The dance was beautyfull ,we talked after and  i went home. that night i saw him in dreams ,he was kissing   me slowly and undressing me ,i was   saying to him that i was married but he didn`t stop and it was more pleasant. A few weeks later i met him  in the street and he invited me to caffee.

     we talked little bit and it was time to go at work,oh i forgot , he asked my phone number . He texted me during   my work time and said that he arrange the parthy and asked to go with him.

    After  work i went at home, i said to my husband that i was going to girlfriends  biirthday, i dressed with elegant red dress and went  .There was lot of people peter met me , dj was playing club music, everybody was dancing  ,we began dancing too  

      he bring alcohol,we drunk and pete invite me to another room , when we got  there already was some one,,  he brought red wine,after the wine  i went near the window ,it was nice and beautifull night ,i heard how pete was approaching closer from behind ,i heard how he said "how beautifull you are " it was so sexy that i couldnt say anything ,just was standing and waitng for him ,soon i felt his hand on my thigh ,he touched my legs, he lifted my dress and began fucking me from behind ,i could not do anything ,i was just taking all from him  in me  ,pete made his motion harder and faster ,and my screams became louder and louder ,soon we cum together  . pete sat on the chair ,i was standing hardly ,i pulled down my dress and  went to bath,after bath i went home   THE END  p.S if like will be continue:)


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